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How do I use the web-based map on your website?
On the Home page simply click on the map icon in the middle of the screen and go to our web-based map that covers the lower 48 United States, Alaska and Canada. You can scroll the map or use the Search box to move to another location. Our map uses a clustering method so as not to totally cover the map with icons. As you zoom in, the clusters get smaller and eventually you will see the individual campground icons. The needed zoom level depends on the density of icons in the area of interest. Simply scroll the map or use the Search button to move to another area. Click on campground icons to see the details for that location.

When zoomed far out, you may not be able to scroll to the edge of the map to see all areas. In that case, merely zoom in a bit and you'll be able to get to the edge of the map.

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