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What cautions should I follow when using this information?

Last Updated 4 years ago

You are responsible for ensuring that the information provided meets your needs. At any given time a particular campground may be temporarily closed for renovations or due to fires or storm damage. Roads to remote locations may be in very poor condition, unsuitable for RV’s. A dump station may be closed due to a problem. Wildlife Management Areas may be closed occasionally to protect the wildlife. Considering the financial problems many states are experiencing, you may find some state parks either closed entirely or with use limitations, such as open only on weekends.

Just as you should never blindly follow a route your GPS presents, you should not trust that every piece of information provided here is 100% correct; although we try our best, we know that our data is not absolutely perfect with zero errors.

An important note: it is our policy to provide the coordinates to the actual location of a campground, not the entrance gate which may be several miles away. We do this so we can present unique information about each campground within a park, amenities and fees often vary among campgrounds within a particular park.

Be aware that your GPS map set may or may not show a road to that actual point. We recommend that you double-check your GPS's proposed route to ensure that "you can get there from here". Ultimate Campgrounds is in no way responsible for the routing suggested by your GPS. GPS systems are very helpful, but they are not infallible; we urge users to double-check suggested routings to be confident that they can be followed to your destination.

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