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Who can use US Military campgrounds?

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In general, military campgrounds are restricted to use by military members (active duty, reserves and retired) and certain DOD civilian employees.A few locations are open to the general public.

Effective 1 Jan 2020, Purple Heart recipients, former prisoners of war and all service-connected disabled veterans, regardless of rating, as well as caregivers enrolled in the VA's Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers program, will be able to use the military campgrounds and other MWR facilities as well as shop at Defense Commissary Agency stores and military exchanges.

Veterans who are eligible and want to take advantage of in-person benefits must have a Veterans Health Identification Card, or VHIC. Primary Family Caregivers must have an eligibility letter from VA’s Office of Community Care. Veterans eligible solely under this act who are eligible to obtain a Veteran Health Identification Card must use this credential for in-person installation and privilege access. The card must display the Veteran’s eligibility status (i.e., PURPLE HEART, FORMER POW or SERVICE CONNECTED).

The best source for information regarding who can use US military campgrounds is US Military Campgrounds and RV Parks. Among the resources to be found there are these articles:

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