Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact you?
On our website you can use the "Contact" menu option and then select either "Contact Us" for general questions or comments, or the "Submit CG Info" option if you wish to submit information about a campground.

In our Android app you will find in the Menu a "Contact Us" option. Select that and enter your comment.

If you are using our iOS app, on the main screen tap the "I" button in the upper right. On the next screen, tap the universal "Mail" button in the lower right. You then have a choice of sending a message about data questions to our data meister, or a message about an app issue to our app developer.

For our Mac app users:

- Under the "Help" menu select "Data Website" for concerns about the data or to submit a new campground.

- Under the "Help" menu select "Ultimate Public Campground Project Help" to contact our developer about an issue with the app.

- To submit a correction or ask a question about an existing campground, on the Details page for that campground, click on the circled arrow button at the bottom of the screen.

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