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I have imported the list into MS Streets & Trips - how do I get the comments to show in the balloon?
You have loaded a POI file into S&T and you have set the symbol you want to display for that POI set. And now you right click on the symbol on the map and select "Show Information". What the heck? The file you loaded had a lot more information than is showing, where did it go? Well, it's still there and here is how to find and display it. Go to the Pushpin list on the left side of the screen and right click on the POI set you are interested in. Scroll down and select 'Properties'. Now, in the Properties screen look toward the top. You will see headings that say 'General', 'Matching', 'Hyperlink', and 'Balloon'. Click on Balloon. And there you have it, each field that was loaded is listed with a check box to select whether you want it displayed in the 'Infomation' ballon on the map. Select what you want to see and then click on 'OK' and you are done.

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