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What is a POI list and how do I use it?
POI stands for “Points of Interest”. A POI list is merely a list of locations of any particular type. For example, the POI list available on this site is a list of public campgrounds across the US. There are literally thousands of lists available on the internet, lists for Wal-Marts, museums, tourist railroads - you name it and there’s undoubtedly a list for it.

A POI list is NOT a computer program; it does not “open” or “run”. It is merely a file, like any electronic document.

The lists generally come formatted as .csv (comma separated values) files that contain as a minimum the latitude, longitude, name and state for each entry. Additionally the file can contain additional information of nearly any type. The US and Canada Public Campground POI lists you find here contain additional fields with comments about each campground (things such as fees, amenities, season, etc.), the web site for that location, the “type” of campground, such as national park, state park, US Forest Service, etc. and the category of campground, such as RV, tent, hike-in or boat-in.

The principal purpose of the POI list is to be imported into a GPS system that will give you driving directions to each location on the list. Each GPS system has a unique import function, most will accept the .csv format. If your particular GPS does not, there are converter utilities available that will properly format the list for your GPS.

If you want to view the contents of the file, or perhaps even modify it for your particular use, you can open it using Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc.

To learn more please review our Tips on Using the POI List page.

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