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The map keeps shifting from my current location on my android device. Why?

Last Updated 4 years ago

This is likely due to having the locator function enabled in the upper left corner of the screen. If that locator button is yellow, it means that you have it turned on. This function really is to allow the map to scroll while driving or hiking. It's not meant to turned on all the time per se. Simply click on the locator button to turn from yellow to blue and your problem should go away. The simpler way to turn it off is just use your finger to move the map a little-- The locate marker (button) will turn back to blue signaling that its turned off.

In summary, if the locate button is yellow, map will follow you as you walk, hike or drive. If blue, then its turned off. If you don't use this function, turn it blue, then go into the settings page in the app to hide that locator button on the screen. ("Locator control on map")

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