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Do I need internet access to use the apps?
Essentially yes: the campground data is embedded in the app and is always available. However, the tiles for the map background have to be downloaded from the internet. Other features such as going to the campground’s website, seeing pictures of it or getting its weather conditions will not work without an internet connection.

That being said, our iOS app does have a limited offline capability. Here's how to use it:

You can download portions of the map for offline viewing - this is best done right before you are to travel to an area with no Internet connection. Here’s how:

  • Tap the map button (bottom right) on the main map view.
  • Choose a map other than Apple Maps.
  • Navigate to the area you will be traveling to.
  • Scroll around and zoom in/out as much as possible to download and cache the map tiles.
  • Now when you travel to a location on the map that you have downloaded, the app will display the cached map, even without an Internet connection!
  • This is not entirely foolproof and you may occasionally find the map gone when you come back after some time, but it does work most of the time.
We are well aware of the need for an offline capability for all apps and hope to come up with a solution.

Last Updated a year ago

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